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By Art of Dentistry Danville
March 24, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Tooth alignment problems don't have to affect your smile permanently. Braces, offered by your Danville, VA, dentists, Drs. Jessica Owens and Zachary Hairston of Art of Dentistry, straighten crooked teeth and improve your appearance.

Braces correct spacing issues

Braces can close gaps between teeth and eliminate crowding. Both traditional metal braces and clear Invisalign aligner trays slowly move teeth by exerting constant pressure on them.

Orthodontic treatment straightens teeth

Do you avoid smiling because your teeth are crooked? You're not alone. Many people feel a little self-conscious due to smile issues. Braces reposition crooked and overlapping teeth, giving you a very good reason to smile. Eliminating overlapping areas of teeth also makes it easier to remove cavity-causing plaque, which can help decrease your tooth decay risk.

Bite problems improve thanks to braces

Braces are frequently used to correct bite problems. The problem occurs when your upper and lower teeth don't fit together properly. Common bite problems include:

  • Overbites: Your top teeth protrude over your bottom teeth if you have an overbite. An overbite isn't just an aesthetic issue. If you fall, you're more likely to injure your teeth. An overbite can also cause excessive wear on your top teeth and damage the gums.
  • Underbites: Underbites occur when the lower teeth extend beyond the upper teeth. The problem can cause problems chewing and speaking and may be responsible for face or mouth pain.
  • Crossbites: A crossbite happens when the upper teeth fall behind the lower teeth when chewing or the lower teeth fall behind the upper teeth. Not surprisingly, the problem can make it difficult to chew. If you compensate by moving your jaw around to force your teeth to meet, permanent changes to the bones in your jaw and face can occur.
  • Open Bites: An open bite occurs when the back or front teeth don't meet when you chew and bite. This type of bite problem can also make chewing and speaking difficult and may even be a factor in swallowing problems.

Bites problems aren't always obvious. Although your teeth may be straight, you may still have a bite problem. Luckily, your dentist can identify bite problems and other orthodontic issues during your checkups in the Danville dental office.

Could your smile be improved with braces? Call your dentists in Danville, VA, Drs. Owens and Hairston of Art of Dentistry at (434) 792-0700 to schedule your appointment.

By Art of Dentistry Danville
November 14, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: dental implants  

How much do you know about dental implants? Do you know that they are the most successful surgical implant, with a success rate of over 95 percent? It’s true, and there are probably many more benefits you don’t know about dental implants. Dr. Jessica Owens and Dr. Zachary Hairston at Art of Dentistry in Danville, VA, offer dental implants to save your smile.

These are just a few frequently asked questions and answers about dental implants:

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants look and function just like natural teeth. During a simple in-office procedure, the dental implant screw is placed in your jaw. Over time, bone grows in around the implant screw, locking it in place. The screw functions as the “root” of your missing tooth. After the dental implant screw is completely embedded in bone and the area has healed, a beautiful dental implant crown is placed over the dental implant screw, and you have a new tooth!

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants are fixed in place, so you never remove them, and they will never move around when you speak or eat. They are truly a permanent part of your smile. They also provide exquisite beauty because dental implant crowns are made of porcelain, a light-reflective material that closely resembles tooth enamel. Dental implants look completely natural and work just like natural teeth.

How many teeth can I replace with dental implants?

You can replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth, or even an entire arch of teeth. Dental implants can also provide a supportive foundation for a denture, called an overdenture, or implant-supported denture.

How can I take care of my dental implants?

Another amazing benefit of dental implants is that you can brush and floss them just like natural teeth. The easy maintenance of dental implants helps you keep a beautiful, healthy smile.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

If you are generally healthy, dental implants will work for you. There are some lifestyle issues and medical conditions which can affect the healing of dental implants. Be sure and tell your dentist if you use tobacco products, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, have uncontrolled diabetes, or have had cancer or radiation in your jaws or face.

These are just a few common questions and answers about dental implants. To find out more about the benefits of dental implants and how they can improve your smile, call Dr. Jessica Owens and Dr. Zachary Hairston at Art of Dentistry in Danville, VA, today!