What Is Causing My Toothaches?

ToothacheA single toothache can be a major source of pain and discomfort. Depending on the severity of the pain, it might not be possible to bite or chew with the aching tooth. It is important to seek treatment for a persistent toothache to alleviate the discomfort and prevent any associated dental problems from progressing. At the Art of Dentistry, Dr. Jessica Owens are your dentists for the treatment of toothaches in Danville, VA.

Causes of Toothaches

Toothaches can be caused by any one of several different factors. Whether you know the cause of your toothache or are uncertain, it is important to have a dental exam soon. A dentist can examine the problem tooth, identify the cause of the pain or discomfort, and recommend an appropriate treatment. Visit the Art of Dentistry for treatment of toothaches in Danville. Some causes of toothaches include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • A tooth fracture
  • An abscess below the tooth
  • Damaged dental fillings
  • Frequent clenching or grinding of the teeth
  • An impacted wisdom tooth
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold substances

Treatment of Toothaches

The cause of the toothache will determine what types of treatments can be performed to eliminate the toothache and restore the tooth. For example, tooth decay can be treated by removing infected areas of the tooth and filling and sealing those areas with dental filling. An abscessed tooth can require a root canal, while an impacted wisdom tooth might require extraction. Individuals who regularly clench or grind the teeth at night can be given mouth guards to wear while sleeping to protect the teeth from excess wear and tear.

There are many ways to treat a toothache. The appropriate treatment method will depend on the cause of the toothache. The best course of action is to schedule a dental exam. The dentist can identify the cause of the toothache so it can be properly treated.

There are several possible causes of toothaches. A dentist can examine your tooth and determine the cause of the ache so proper treatment can begin. For treatment of toothaches in Danville, schedule an appointment with Dr. Owens and Dr. Hairston by calling the Art of Dentistry at (434) 792-0700.

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