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Options for Repairing Cracked Teeth

Cracked teeth are a common dental issue that can lead to more severe problems. If you have a cracked tooth, you're more than likely experiencing a toothache. It is essential to seek treatment sooner rather than later to avoid further damage and potential pain. Thankfully, Dr. Jessica Owens of Art of Dentistry Danville in Danville, VA, has years of experience fixing cracked teeth. 

Cracked Teeth Cause Toothaches in Danville, VA

You may not initially feel anything when you crack a tooth, especially if it's a small hairline crack. As you continue to consume food and beverages, more inflammatory chemicals are released, which seep into that crack and down into the tooth's inner tissues. This reaction leads to even more pain.

Some people will feel an edge on the tooth develop where there wasn't one before. Touching it with the tongue may cause pain. When biting down, the pain will worsen and radiate into the surrounding area of the face. It's important to understand that a cracked tooth will not repair itself. You can only buy so much time before you need to see a trusted dental team like the staff at Art of Dentistry Danville in Danville, VA.

Fixing Cracked Teeth Resolves Toothaches in Danville, VA

There are generally two ways your dentist may opt to fix your cracked tooth. If the crack is not too deep or wide, the dentist may fill the gap with material made of composite resin, which blends into your natural tooth color to improve its appearance while helping protect against future cracks. With more severe cracking, the dentist may suggest a crown be applied over your tooth to safeguard against fractures permanently. In these instances, the team works with you to make sure you have a temporary crown that keeps your smile presentable until the permanent one is ready.

If you're dealing with any toothaches in Danville, VA, it's crucial you reach out to Dr. Owens at Art of Dentistry Danville in Danville, VA, at 434-792-0700 for an appointment right away. We welcome the opportunity to make your mouth pain-free again!

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