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By Art of Dentistry Danville
March 21, 2019
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Dentists dislike extracting teeth because saving as much natural tooth structure as possible is what preventive dentistry is all about. Yet, extractionsometimes, losing a tooth actually improves oral health. At Art of Dentistry in Danville, VA, your dentists, Dr. Jessica Owens and Dr. Zachary Hairston, provide simple extractions as needed. Learn why here.

Simple extractions

When your dentist in Danville, VA, pulls a tooth using manual tools and local anesthetic, the procedure is called a simple extraction. Surgical extractions for more complex problems happen either in the hospital or at the office of an oral surgeon.

There are many reasons why Dr. Owens or Dr. Hairston may recommend extraction of a particular tooth. Despite the many state-of-the-art restorations available at Art of Dentistry--white fillings, root canal therapy, porcelain crowns, and more--some teeth are just irretrievable. Conditions which warrant a dental extraction include:

  • Fractured tooth roots or structure above the gum line
  • Deep infection and inflammation
  • Failed root canal therapy
  • Deep oral trauma
  • Blockage of cancer treatment (radiation)
  • Advanced periodontal disease and resultant tooth mobility
  • Impaction (encasement in gums and bone) of wisdom teeth (third molars)
  • Supernumerary teeth (extra baby or adult teeth) which block the eruption and correct positioning of adult teeth
  • Odd-shaped or undersized teeth, particularly if they interfere with biting, chewing, and speech
  • Advanced dental abscess

If you need an extraction...

Don't worry. The team at Art of Dentistry is very experienced in this procedure; so you know you'll be comfortable throughout and experience no problems afterwards. Likely your dentist will recommend a dental implant or other tooth replacement as soon as possible so you maintain your personal appearance and have healthy bone and gum tissue.

You can expect your jaw and gums to be sore. Take the antibiotic and pain medication your dentist prescribes, and eat a soft diet for a few days to avoid breaking your sutures.

Right after the procedure, your dentist will ask you to bite on some sterile gauze to quell the bleeding. Then, for the subsequent 24 hours, refrain from smoking or drinking with a straw as the suction could dislodge the forming blood clot and cause a painful condition called dry socket. Also, refrain from brushing or rinsing your mouth for at least 12 hours as advised by the American Notify the office of any persistent bleeding.

Find out more

Dr. Owens and Dr. Hairston and their staff work hard to maintain their patients' oral health and smile appearance. If you have a toothache or wonder about the status of a particular tooth, please call Art of Dentistry right away for an appointment. We will make you comfortable and get your mouth 100 percent healthy again. Contact us in Danville, VA, at (434) 792-0700.