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October 21, 2020
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Got cavities? For treating cavities, dentists remove the infected tooth’s decayed portions and fill the portions where the decayed parts were removed. Here at Art Of Dentistry in Danville, VA, your dentist, Dr. Jessica Owens or Dr. Zachary Hairston, likewise utilizes fillings for restoring a fractured or cracked tooth or worn down teeth due to misuse like tooth grinding, biting nails, or jaw clenching.

How Dental Fillings Repair Damaged Teeth

The first step involves numbing the area with local anesthesia. This is followed by removing the decayed parts inside the tooth using a dental drill or laser. The device used will mainly be dependent on your comfort level and the severity and location of the decay. Your Danville dentist will then test or probe the area to see whether all the decayed portions have been removed.

Next, the cleansed tooth will be prepped for the dental filling, ensuring that the cavity is free from debris and bacteria. In case the decay is located near the tooth root, a liner created from resin composite, glass ionomer, or some other material will first be applied to safeguard the nerve. Once the tooth filling is in place, all that’s left to do is to polish it to ensure that it fits your bite seamlessly.

If you’re getting a tooth-colored dental filling, which is made of resin composite and some extra steps will be required to complete the process. After your dentist in Danville VA has cleaned the cavity, the tooth filling must be applied in precise layers. A special light will be utilized for hardening or curing each layer after each application.

Types of Tooth Filling Materials

These days, you have your pick of various tooth filling materials, including porcelain/ceramic, gold, silver amalgam, resin composite, glass ionomer, and plastic. While these all serve the purpose of filling cavities, the most popular material is tooth-colored resin composite since they look the closest to real teeth. However, it’s vital to point out that the extent and location of the decay will be primarily considered when determining which tooth filling will work best for your specific case.

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