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March 04, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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Dental implants are an amazing, life-changing procedure. If you are lucky enough to have your teeth restored by this incredible technology there are some things you should know to help you as you recover. The procedure for dental implants is quite extensive as it requires implanting metal rods into your jawbone. This creates a sturdy foundation for your crown and soon it will be just as strong as your real teeth. However, during the recovery process, your mouth will be extremely sensitive.

With the proper preparation, you can make your recovery a lot smoother. Dr. Jessica Owens and Dr. Zachary Hairston want to ensure a safe recovery after your dental implant procedure by giving you the following tips. Remember, if any serious complications do arise post-surgery please contact them at Art of Dentistry in Danville, VA, as soon as possible.

Recovering From the Dental Implant Procedure in the First 24 Hours

Immediately after your dental implant procedure, you will most likely still feel the effects of the anesthesia. While your mouth is numb you should be cautious of what you eat because you might not be able to tell if you are chewing too hard or if the food is at a dangerous temperature. Take a while to rest at home and prepare soft foods like smoothies to satisfy your nutritional intake.

The first 24 hours after your dental implant surgery can be tough. Your jaw, gums, and teeth will be sore and extremely tender. You may experience swelling, bleeding, and pain, but pain medication can be used to curb that. Using an ice pack or cold compress can also reduce swelling and pain. During this period, it is critical to monitor your mouth for any changes and call your Danville, VA, dentist if there are any problems.

Recovering From the Dental Implant Procedure in the First Few Days

After your first day post-surgery your anesthesia should have worn off and the swelling should slightly reduce. It is normal to still experience some pain in the first few days after the procedure because your gums and jaw are likely bruised. Continue taking the pain medication Dr. Owens and Dr. Hariston recommended as it helps to reduce swelling and accelerate the recovery. You should also practice chewing on the opposite side of your mouth while it heals. Maintain a good oral hygiene routine by lightly brushing and flossing your teeth, but avoid applying too much pressure on your crown as it could become damaged if not settled sufficiently enough. After a few days, your dental implant will be just as strong as your natural teeth and you can begin enjoying a healthy set of new teeth.

If you are interested in dental implants or have any more questions on the recovery process please contact the Art of Dentistry in Danville, VA. Dr. Hariston and Dr. Owens are more than happy to help you with any dental implant related inquiry. Call us today at (434) 792-0700.